• CLIENT :
  • Energy City Qatar
  • ABS International Architecture Engineering & Interior Design
  • ZUEBLIN International
  • 81,000 Sq. meters and 900 spaces in parking


The project consists of three buildings with common underground car parks. It will be a corporate office center that will include leasable office space, built to suite operations offices for the ECQ, a commercial banking operations building with trading floor, program amenities for tenants and public users, a computer data center and 3 levels of below grade parking.

The project is composed in a multi-structure campus configuration, including three primary office buildings linked together via an enclosed atrium streetscape.


HVAC system mainly consists of 10 no. Air Cooled Chillers each 340 tons, supplying Data Centers and electrical rooms located in the buildings. Heat Exchangers connected to Marafiq supplying basement lobbies and offices areas. Ventilation system with car park exhaust fans, smoke and pressurization fans.

Plumbing – Water Supply system mainly supplied by municipality water along with collection tanks and filtration tanks according to Green Building LEED V2 consisting of City water tank 94 m3 , feeding clear water tank, fire tank and filtration tank. Clear water tank 56.4 m3 supplying lavatories. Riser of rain water pipes collected into irrigation tank 56.4 m3. Filtration tank 47 m3, supplying Building 1, 2 and 3 as WC ,UR’s flushing.

Plumbing – Drainage System designed subject to Green Building LEED V2 mainly consisting of Riser of waste pipes from the lavatories collected into filtration station. Domestic water tank supplying Building 1, 2 and 3. Riser of soil pipes from WC, UR’s and FD collected into sewerage network.

Fire fighting system mainly consisting of 2 No of Electrical fire fighting pumps with capacity of 1500 GPM along with 2 no. of Jockey pumps supplying sprinklers system, fire hose reel and landing valves, through two separate water tanks. Fire suppression systems as special fire protection are as following: FM 200 system, Foam System, and Pre-action System.

HV- SWITCHGEAR: The Energy City project is fed by 3 HV-Switchgear rated for 2000 A which are designed to supply up to 30 Transformers and their Medium Voltage Switchgear(MV-SWGR). Out of which 15 no. of transformers will be operating and remaining will be used for future loads. HVSWGR- A: Total Load 5.32 MVA. HV-SWGR-B: Total Load 4.5 MVA. HV-SWGR-C: Total Load 8.3 MVA

Others: MV Power System, ELV System, Security System, Fire Alarm and Public Address System Yo u


Al Salata Al Jadeeda/ Al Muntazah,Street # 330,Villa # 128,
P.O. Box 23761, Doha – Qatar.